• Alcohol abuse is widespread, and those who misuse it are inflicting terrible harm on themselves, their loved ones, and society. Consider these facts:
  • There are more than fourteen million alcoholics in the US--almost eight percent of the population.  
  • More than one million people are injured in alcohol-related car crashes every year.  
  • Traffic accidents involving alcohol kill more than sixteen thousand victims every year.  
  • One hundred thousand deaths in the U.S. each year are attributable to alcohol abuse.  
  • Twenty percent to thirty five percent of suicides are alcohol related.  
  • Alcoholics are five times more likely to die in car accidents, sixteen times more likely to become burn or fire victims. 
  • Alcohol is present in more than fifty percent of all incidents of domestic violence.  
  • Sixty percent of sexual offenders were drinking at the time of the offense.  
  • Alcohol and drug abuse are factors in the placement of more than seventy five percent of children entering foster care.

(Statistics based on surveys in USA. Indicative of trends worldwide)