When it comes to dealing with an addict or alcoholic, it is apparent that some persons are more prone to substance abuse than others.

However, the biggest issue that comes up is usually not about the abuser themselves, it’s most commonly everyone that the abuser is affecting – loved ones, family and friends – a lot of the time, the family feels responsible in some way.

Do They Want Help or Not?
Sadly enough, when the alcoholic or addict doesn’t want help, you can only do so much – helping them get into a drug treatment program, like Hope Trust in Hyderabad, and supporting them through the process can definitely help them out a lot, but only if they truly want to be there.

The addict is not willing to change because of denial. Denial is a symptom of addiction. Due to denial, the addict thinks he is still in control and does not have such a serious problem that requires inpatient care.

Good rehabs have protocols for breaking this denial. Hope Trust in Hyderabad has effective and structured system wherein the family helps in breaking the denial along with the concerned counsellor.

Ultimately, its only when the addict realizes the enormity and gravity of his problem, will he take help. To make him see this reality, Hope Trust conducts interventions with the family members. This is done after educating and empowering the family and gathering all relevant information about the addict's dysfunctional behaviours.

Letting Go With the Help of a Counsellor
Most of the time, a deep sadness overtakes family and friends of the abuser - they feel responsible, or helpless, and a lot of the time it’s very difficult to get past these intense, hard-to-deal with feelings.

This is where the help of a professional can really come into play – effective counsellors can help you do a lot with your feelings and emotions to help you get through this time as easily and in the best health possible.

Letting go can be very difficult, but it’s a very important part of the process – letting go of the situation can be impossible alone, so please do look into getting professional help. Knowing that the abuser is on his or her own journey in this lifetime can be very helpful, but only if you take it to heart.

Letting go means realizing that the family cannot actually 'control' the addict

Hope Trust has a unique Family Support Program for the family members of those in treatment.

Family Support Program