Getting help for your addiction helps empower the addict and alcoholic to overcome their addiction. There are two different ways of getting help for addiction: one is you are the addict/alcoholic and you are seeking ways to get help or two is that you are a friend or family member of someone who is struggling with an addiction and you want to know how to help them.

If you are thinking about quitting drugs or alcohol then you might still be using them but you have started to look past your denial and see that you want help and a better life for yourself. There is usually fear that will hold someone back from getting the help they need into sobriety. While you are in this stage it’s not clear if you have hit your bottom or if you can consciously make a decision to surrender to the disease called addiction. Most of the time there needs to be a turning point or a major life event that will help make the addicts decision to seek help. A few things that can make this major life event are going to jail, a spouse leaving them or a serious medical condition. It is believed that an addict must hit his or her bottom before they will surrender to their addiction.

When an addict reaches bottom

When an addict hits bottom then it will finally be time for them to admit that they have had enough. They begin to think: "perhaps I really do have a problem". They will then make the decision to get the help that they desperately need. If they are not really convinced that they need help then they won’t get it. 

When you are in early recovery you learn how to make it through the day without using. For long term sobriety the person is more concerned with personal growth and development. The priorities shift because they will grow and change in recovery. Most of the time recovery is from a holistic perspective and they will start learning beyond the boundaries. They will learn about physical health, nutrition, fitness, emotional stability, education and meditation. The 12 steps are usually a big part of recovery.

Of course, the best way to start a new life is to get admission into a rehab like Hope Trust in India. There, drugs or alcohol withdrawal is medically managed therefore safe. Moreover, the staff will help in maintaining and a disciplined lifestyle. The counsellors will help the addict look at his life, his personality and address any issues.

When others want to offer addiction help to their family and friends to overcome their addiction there are several situations where this might happen.

One situation is where you notice that the person you care about is slipping into the grip of addiction and you think it is getting worse. Then you don’t know how to bring it up to the person. When you notice this you want to be careful because you don’t know what type of abuse this is. If you bring it up they might be in denial and just shut you out and won’t talk to you and push you away. The best way to help is altering your own behaviour and see if that will help them. Also you won’t be enabling them with their addiction. You can talk to a professional at a rehab like Hope Trust and seek advice.

Another situation is when you have someone that has been addicted for a long time and both of you know it. You want them to get the help they need but they aren’t ready to do so. You can do a formal intervention to help convince them to go to treatment. This can be done with the help of staff at Hope Trust. 

Seeking help for an alcohol or drug addiction

Another type of way for getting help for addiction is when the addict will say they are ready to make the change but they place conditions on the treatment options. When they place conditions then they aren’t really ready for help and it will never work. The addict needs help of some kind in order to get over their addiction. When the addict is really ready for help then they will do anything to get clean and sober. You can help them by taking them to a treatment centre or take them to a 12-step meeting. Once you take them there then they have to want to continue with their treatment. They do so because of denial. 

Rehabs like Hope Trust have effective protocols for breaking these denial patterns. They conduct interventions along with family members and fellow-members in treatment.

Going to a drug rehab treatment centre can usually be one of the best choices an addict can make in order to get treatment for an addiction. They have things like inpatient treatment but you can be outpatient and go to counselling, group therapy, and meetings. It is usually a combination of all of these things what will help the addict get sober and be in recovery. Asking questions and knowing what type of treatment would be right for you will be a great place to start on your road to recovery!

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