rehabilitation in oman

Hope Trust has treated about 50 addicts from Sultanate of Oman. Our observations about these persons:

  1. Boys from Oman, like boys from elsewhere, have aspirations for a better life – high paying jobs, earning respect in the community and better material life.

  2. Addicts tend to be dishonest. This is part of addiction. However, our observation of Omani addicts is that they are comparatively more honest and easily accept their problems.

  3. The cultural and family values of Oman are quite similar to India. Respect for elders, a deep attachment to spirituality with little resistance to the concept of ‘God’, strong family ties and sensitive to reputation in the community. This helps our counsellors in easier identification and makes recovery easier for the addict.

  4. Addicts from Oman are quite tolerant and open-minded to alien culture. They enjoy the flavor of food provided at Hope Trust and show eagerness in learning about Indian films and other contemporary culture.

As we know, spirituality is a key component of recovery from addiction. No wonder, we were not surprised to note that the recovery rate of addicts from Oman is very high when compared to clients originating from other parts of the world, including India.