Hope Trust - in association with the Muscat Family Physicians Group - conducted a CME (Continued Medical Education) program in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on February 26 at Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi, Muscat. The topic of the CME seminar was ‘Addiction and its treatment’.


The Muscat Family Physicians Group (established in 2005) has arranged over 120 lectures, seminars and workshops for physicians practicing in Muscat.

Hope Trust (established in 2002), located in Hyderabad, India, is widely recognized as Asia’s leading rehab for treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. 30% of admissions at Hope Trust come from overseas, out of which significant numbers have been from Sultanate of Oman.

The CME had an overwhelming response, with over 100 physicians, psychiatrists and medical professionals attending the seminar. The participants also included the psychiatrist and medical staff of Al Massara hospital.

The moderator of the seminar was Dr. Amr Abdel-Khalek Guenedi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sultan Qaboos University. He asked some very relevant questions and sought answers from the speakers.

The speakers were introduced by Dr. Sanjay Dalal from the Muscat Family Physicians Group.

The eminent speakers were Mr. Rahul Luther, Founder & Executive Director of Hope Trust. Mr. Luther has extensive experience in successfully managing an addiction treatment facility and lectures frequently. He is a regular visitor to Oman and has established meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations involved in addressing the significant drug addiction menace in Oman.

He spoke about an ‘integrated model’ of treatment which is holistic and is aimed at all affected areas of an addict – physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. He also stressed the importance of involving the family in the recovery process, since the family is greatly affected by one person’s addiction within a family unit. Hope Trust’s highly successful model has been evolved based on its 12 years experience and incorporates the principles of 12 steps, psychiatric intervention and psycho-social education.

Dr. Vijay Seshadri, Psychiatrist at Hope Trust, spoke about the various psychiatric issues of addicts. He stressed on the need to assess addicts for any co-occurring issues such as depression, bi-polar and the treatment options for such individuals.

Both the speakers from Hope Trust expressed the view that inpatient treatment is best for alcoholics and addicts. Mr. Luther also mentioned that the persons from Oman exhibited a high recovery rate – probably due to strong family bonding and value systems prevailing in the Sultanate.

Hope Trust is in talks with various agencies and individuals, offering its vast experience in the field of addiction treatment for the addicts in the Sultanate.