Drugs have been abused since perhaps drugs have been around. Abuse leads to addiction, and addiction leads to so many problems, physically and mentally.


Addict and Addiction Process:

In the mind of the addict, he hopes to resolve problems with drugs. He thinks that his fears, anxiety, sadness and other problems shall go away if he takes in drugs. But the reality is that problems actually increase due to drug addiction and as the problems escalate, so does the addiction. It is a downward spiral, with the addict out of control.


Every time, the drug wears off, the addict feels uncomfortable. His mind and body are in ‘withdrawal’ – not getting the stuff it is now used to for ‘normal’ functioning. The only way the addict knows to avoid this acutely uncomfortable feeling is to again take in drugs. The horrible cycle relentlessly repeats itself.


Drug abuse takes a horrible toll on the addict. Whether it is marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth, LSD – or even alcohol, which is a drug – begins to have increasingly adverse impact on all areas of the addict’s life. His physical condition deteriorates, his emotional state becomes highly volatile, his relationships get damaged, his career or schooling gets disrupted, his mental balance is upset, his ethical and value system get eroded. He get obsessed with his drugs – how to get it, how to hide it, how to control it.


Treatment for drug addiction:

Treatment for drug addiction works. However, recovery from drug abuse is a difficult and sometimes painful process. The addict needs to focus on all affected areas – the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas. It needs a complete overhaul of his ‘personality’ – the way he thinks, his behaviour patterns, emotional management, rebuilding relationships and building his spiritual side.


There is no doubt, the addict needs external help. A good rehab with a holistic program can provide all the critical inputs. All the addict has to do is recognize that he or she has a problem and reach out!

At Hope Trust, we treat patients not only to recover from addiction but to build strength physicall, mentally and spiritually. Which is keeping us as the best rehab centre for addiction treatment. For help or enquiry, please feel free to contact us!