Life was not good before I came to Hope Trust. I’ve been here before. Almost 10 years ago I was here to recovery from alcoholism. Life was hard after leaving the first time. In fact, it only took me a couple years coming back to the USA to learn that without a program in my hand, I was not going to last long. Everything that Hope Trust taught me in recovery and warned me about was correct and I relapsed as a result. I not only relapsed on alcohol, but I progress to crack cocaine and needed help. I went to a treatment center in the USA where I spent 24 days and relapsed again 3 weeks later. After selling things, hurting family members and losing money, there was only one place in the world who I knew deep down could help me get over my pain, my addiction and everything that surrounded it, Hope Trust. Within a week I was on a flight to India and admitted myself to the facility.

I was welcomed with open arms. I was committed to getting over this. The only thing that I wanted out of the program was to learn how to stop killing myself and to stop hurting others. It is not what I wanted in life. It was not the type of credit I wanted to have within my family. My experience at Hope Trust was better than the first time. With all the knowledge I have obtained over the years in my program, I never failed to learn anything new about myself. These were things that I did not know previously and could not have figured out on my own.

The program laid out to offer was great. I developed a structure which I have taken with me home to the USA and have implemented in my daily routine. The counselors and the institute’s knowledge about the program is amazing. They understood where I came from, despite the cultural difference and experienced a lot of the things I experienced. They continued to talk to my family and allow them to understand how I was as an addict. They helped tremendously and gave me the tools to maintain my sobriety. Today, I am not just sober away from alcohol or drugs but I maintain emotional, mental and physical sobriety, a concept which I never grasped until Hope Trust explained it to me.

Today I am an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have a sponsor and I stay in touch with Hope Trust to share the joys and pains of everyday life which I can now feel and experience without the use of chemicals. I am alive today because of Hope Trust and my counselors and I am alive today because of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am forever in their debt with a responsibility to help others and be kind, a spiritual aspect I could not have developed without the help of Hope Trust. I thank you!