15 Reasons Why Treatment at Hope is a Bargain of a Lifetime! 

    1. Backed by over 10 years of experience in treatment of alcohol and drug addiction

    2. In collaboration with Renascent, a leading treatment facility in Canada (Toronto)

    3. Treatment based on WHO-approved 12-steps program

    4. Full gamut of treatment services: from detox to relapse-prevention

    5. Holistic approach: addressing the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual areas for whole recovery

    6. Complemented by daily Yoga, meditation and regular 'Art of Living' courses

    7. High recovery rate comparable to the best worldwide

    8. Adequate emphasis on family support and counselling

    9. Experienced staff: with a healthy mix of professional and recovering counsellors facilitating effective delivery of           recovery program

    10. Low client-to-counsellor ratio

    11. Strict protocols for effective and ethical therapy processes

    12. Excellent medical and psychiatric back-ups

    13. Good track record for treatment of dual-diagnosis

    14. Ideal place for those who have tried treatment abroad but are unable to maintain long-term sobriety

    15. Substantial experience with international clientele: addressing cross-cultural issues