holistic model of recovery at Hope Trust

Addiction is a ‘disease’ that affects all aspects of the addict’s life:

  • Physically: More than 44 diseases are directly related to alcohol consumption. Alcoholics and addicts are highly accident-prone.

  • Mentally: Memory, concentration and, most significantly, attitudes become negative. Also, their thinking gets irrational, most notably seen when the addict is in denial and cannot even see the enormity and gravity of his problem. Some addicts even develop psychiatric issues due to alcohol or drug abuse, and underlying mental issues can get accentuated.

  • Socially:Relationships with family, friends, colleagues, institutions and with ‘God’ are adversely affected.

  • Emotionally:Addicts and alcoholics become apathetic to others’ feelings and are emotionally unstable by expressing feelings inappropriately.

  • Spiritually: Ethical and moral standards get eroded. They easily lie, cheat and manipulate to get their way.


Therefore, any effective treatment for addiction needs to be HOLISTIC – addressing all of the above stated areas. Any of the above aspects, if not addressed, can lead to a relapse..

Therefore, Hope Trust has developed an integrated model of addiction treatment that addresses all areas of the addict’s life.

Physically, A disciplined lifestyle with daily Yoga and timely meals and sleep hours restores physical balance.

Mentally, All clients at Hope Trust are assessed on admission for any co-occurring psychiatric issues. Family interventions are aimed at breaking the cycle of denial. Frequent group feedbacks and one-on-one counselling sessions help the addict in realizing his irrational and negative thinking patterns.

Socially, The addict learns to share his thoughts and feelings while living in a community setting at Hope Trust. Communication sessions with family, help in restoring broken relationships.

Emotionally, Clients are encouraged to share their emotions in informal and structured sessions.

Spiritually, Clients are encouraged to go beyond their self-centred thinking and develop faith. Daily meditation sessions facilitate spiritual healing. Moreover, each client also undergoes a Mindfulness program during his stay at Hope Trust.

This holistic model of treatment at Hope Trust has proven to be most effective in addiction treatment.