When i first came to Hope Trust, I was a mentally and physically broken man but I would never have admitted that to myself let alone some one else . After many failed attempts at stopping drinking on my own, I told myself i have to be me more open mind regarding my recovery but I still had certain conditions which blocked my progress. But when I let go and started truly listening to the therapists at Hope Trust were telling me, a new outlook on life began to blossom.  It was not immediate or profound, it came slowly... helped along by me being rigorously honest with myself and my feelings . I learned about exactly who I am today and what defects that have plagued me for so many years instead of being depressed or confused about it , my life became clear and finally I had some purpose and direction. I became much more humble, patient and tolerant. 

The path forward was not intimidating, I wanted to take that first step. understanding myself and my problem was what I was missing and words can not do justice to how liberating this has made me feel! Hope Trust didn’t just teach me how to stop drinking, but the holistic approach gave me a tool kit and an instruction manual on how to rebuild my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.