The pre-admission process at Hope Trust is a facilitator to help us learn more about the client’s substance-related needs or any psychiatric diagnosis. We have many options such as pre-admission telephonic counselling, intervention through phone or Skype and therapist call-back for specific treatment related queries. There’s an online medical assessment form which will help us chalk out the best recovery plan for you or your loved one. 

Pre-admission Telephonic Counselling 

It is an important part of supporting the family when an addict will neither seek nor accept help. Our expert coaches can explain the nature of substance abuse and the addicted personality; provide insight into the progression of the disease; and refer you to groups offering support for the family and friends of addicts. At Hope Trust we also offer interventions through Skype which can be an invaluable resource for families who are trying to get their near and dear into a rehab. Intervention is a method of presenting the reality of an addict's behaviour and the harm it is causing in a non-judgmental, respectful and caring way. A successful intervention helps the addict understand the destructive nature of their substance abuse and become willing to accept treatment. 

At times, it may be more productive to talk to and motivate the family member, which our counsellor will do. So that the family becomes empowered to motivate the client in seeking recovery.

Therapist Call-back 

Hope Trust is committed to an active pre-admission process and our therapists ensure the transition into our facility is as seamless as possible for the family and the client. Our pre-admission coaches will answer your questions and ease your fears as they help you develop a plan of action in your time of crisis.