Personalised Treatment and Facilities 

At Hope Trust, we endeavour to limit our capacity to 25 beds to ensure a high counsellor-client ratio. This ensures that each client gets focussed attention and therapeutic inputs. Further, apart from group counselling, each client is also allocated a primary counsellor who coordinates their therapeutic program across all disciplines of psychiatry, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation- this culminates in a holistic treatment program tailored for every client. 

The therapy team meets every morning for a strategy meeting under the supervision of the Therapy Director and discusses each client’s progress and chalks out a strategy for individual therapy. 


Hope Trust provides a comfortable and serene environment in houses that includes:

  1. Air-conditioned rooms
  2. Attached bathrooms with hot water
  3. Cosmopolitan Veg/Non-Veg menu
  4. Treadmill, Table-Tennis
  5. Satellite TV, Indoor Games
  6. Laundry service
  7. Expert Medical/Psychiatric back-up