Hope Trust is located in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a centrally located city and is easily accessible by rail and air to rest of India and world. Hyderabad is an over-400 year old city with a rich cultural background. However, it is today a megapolis with modern infrastructure and home to IT Industry. It has some of the finest medical facilities in the country and clients from all over the world come here for medical treatment.

Though several drug abuse rehabs have cropped up since Hope Trust pioneered the trend, few, if any are professionally managed and have not succeeded in making a mark.

In Hyderabad, the traditional drugs have been opium and marijuana. Alcohol has always been a prominent ‘drug’ of choice. Over the counter prescription medications also have been widely abused with loose regulations regarding sale of such drugs at pharmacies. In recent times, new drugs have penetrated the society – LSD, Ketamin, ‘ecstasy’, heroin, cocaine. With easier access, greater financial resources and increased acceptance of ‘pub’ and ‘pop’ culture, drug abuse and alcoholism appears to be on the rise.

At Hope Trust, clients come from all over India and overseas. Thus, clients with addiction to crystal meth, GABA and amphetamines are also common – coming from USA, UK and South Africa.

A significant number of alcoholics and addicts exhibit symptoms of a co-occurring psychiatric disorder. Such clients are first stabilized on the psychological front so that they become capable of taking in the therapy inputs related to their addiction. The psychiatrist at Hope Trust has vast experience with dual-d diagnosis cases (clients with addiction and psychiatric issues) and the therapy team at Hope Trust has had great success with such cases.

For families who admit their loved ones at Hope Trust, there is the rehab’s Family Support Program that helps in initiating a process of healing for family members, and empowers them to face the present situation. Moreover, there is a strong and active Al-anon fellowship and they can attend meetings to gain strength in their own recovery.

Moreover, there are plenty of tourist and historical sites, museums and famous landmarks to visit while they are in the city. Hyderabad also offers plenty of modern shopping and other entertainment options.