For the past many years, studies and research have been observing the phenomena of drinkers mixing alcohol and energy drinks. This could have seriously negative health effects. This negative effect works in a specific fashion. As per the results of a study by Hope Trust India, combining energy drinks such as Red Bull with alcohol brings down the inherent safety net that our body has against over-drinking. This means that combining energy drink and liquor makes the drinker drink more without seeming or feeling intoxicated.


There are various dangers that crop up once the dangerous cocktail of energy drinks and liquor is brought forth. A prominent one is drunk driving, as energy drinks give the users a caffeine rush that makes the drinker feel far more in control than they actually are. Similarly adolescent brain damage is a common outcome of mixing energy drinks and alcohol. 

Alcohol alone induces satisfaction and happiness. Yet over drinking sets off alarms in the body that make the body shut down. A simple marker that tells you to stop, a natural control system of the body, that we must respect. 

In the study done by Hope Trust India, drinkers rated the level of stimulation they were experiencing and whether they felt alert. Drinkers on an energy-alcohol combination reported far higher levels of stimulation, with little or no feelings of tiredness. The cornerstone of the dangerous concoction being the difference between what is felt and how the feeler acts. It means that feeling stimulated will drinking is dangerous, because it means that you will drink more.

The best recovery path from this deadly mix begins with abstinence. Self-examination and introspection should show up as lifestyle changes. Once this is done, the addict must try to extend his rehab into family, and career. 

Though we mostly do not consider alcohol a lethal drug, a concoction of alcohol’s effects on the human body, health care, social services, etc. is loud and clear. Considering alcohol’s consistent abuse, it is important to inform and educate people who are high on risk.

We should remember and propagate that liquor and stimulants do not cancel out each other. They just make us more intoxicated.