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June 2016

May 2016

During active addiction, an individual tends to slip into denial. The 3 Deadly Ds in addiction are:
1. Delay
2. Detour
3. Deny
Self-esteem can simply be defined as how we feel about ourselves.
The first thing parents need to understand is that the uncomfortable emotions they are going through, they are not going through alone.
It is a commonly known fact- supported by years of scientific research- that the use and abuse of any illicit drug or alcohol cause drastic deterioration in the way one thinks, feels, and behaves.
It is said that, on an average, 60,000 thoughts cross our mind every single day. Underlying these thoughts are our beliefs  that have been shaped by many people, factors, and life experiences.

April 2016

When an individual has an addiction issue, he or she needs to get support from a rehabilitation center. A professional rehab center provides an array of services – from detox to relapse prevention.

March 2016

Hope Trust offers a choice of addiction treatment deliveries – inpatient, outpatient and online. Which is most effective?

February 2016

Substance abuse and mood disorders are closely linked for a variety of reasons. Many people believe that using substances is an effective way of feeling happier and calmer.
Surrendering is an essential part of letting go - something absolutely essential in the process of addiction recovery
Every session, meeting or activity at Hope Trust starts and ends with the Sereni

January 2016

Being assertive is simply being able to stand up for yourself without being aggressive or manipulative.
Shame is a part of addiction - it is impossible to find an addict who doesn’t harbor deep feelings of shame.
Hope is the feeling that something good will happen - a longing fuelled with so much passion, we truly believe it’s possible.
Trauma is a physical or emotional injury from the past this still causes emotional pain in the present.
Several individuals seeking addiction treatment have a co-occurring psychological issue. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one of these. 
‘King Baby’ is a personality type particularly common with addicts. It is characterized by the alcoholic or drug addict never growing out of their childish, or infantile, behaviour.
One of the most important elements of recovery is developing the ability to take care of oneself.
Many people believe that addicts are amoral and weak – they lose control of their lives, hurt the people they love and, despite knowing the dangers of alco
“Out of control” is one of the most popular phrases used to describe addicts.

December 2015

Pets in rehabs help in addiction treatment
One of the most common ways of treating mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, is Cognitive Behavi
It is estimated that 27.2% of high school students use illicit drugs on a regular basis.
Addicts often think that they are capable of recovery without counseling – that stopping their consumption of drugs and alcohol is enough.
Drug addiction can be devastating. If not treated, it destroys families and ultimately kills the addict. Addiction is an insidious problem – it starts in a seemingly harmless way and slowly, surely, eats away at the life of the addict.

November 2015

Early recovery from addiction involves change in attitude and beliefs about alcohol and drug abuse. Recovering addicts and alcoholics explore the meaning and consequences of chemical use and learn to cope with life without substances in their early recovery.
How does a drug or alcohol rehab work? What is a ‘treatment plan’ and how does it help an individual recover?
Addiction alters brain

October 2015

Intervention: Guide to Helping a Loved One Get into Recovery