July 2015

Six Keys to Successful Addiction Treatment
Why do young people use marijuana?
Young persons begin to use marijuana for many reasons. It could be curiosity. It could be a desire to fit into a social group. They may have friends who use drugs and these friends may urge them to try using (peer pressure).
Older Adults and Substance Abuse
What does addiction treatment really mean?
Addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs, or compulsive behaviour like gambling, requires ‘treatment’. What does that mean?
Abstinence is first step
Common fears of families while admitting their loved one in an addiction treatment program
Fears in Early Recovery
While addiction is scary and an addict or alcoholic lives in constant fears: what if I am caught? How am I going to get my next fix? What’s going to happen to my job, my marriage, my health, my future?
Cocaine commonly also has street names like, “coke”, “charlie”, “wash”, “rock” “crack” or “blow” is perhaps the most dangerously addictive drugs in the world.
Resentments in Recovery
The Cost of Addiction