February 2015

Drug abuse treatment in India is often a mixed bag. Firstly, rehabilitation centres operate on the ‘pleasure principle’- they do whatever they please! There are no guidelines to adhere to and no rules and regulations.
Addiction is a family disease that affects not only the addict but the family as well. Being the  wife of an addict comes with a great deal of understanding, support, patience and self-control.
Dependence on mood-altering substances is a phenomenon that is rarely understood and often mistreated. There are two kinds of dependence - physical and psychological dependence.
Physical aspect
“I do not have a drinking problem; it was just that one time I lost control!”
“Smoking up makes me a better person, but I don’t have a problem!”
“Maybe you have a problem and are insecure about yourself, no wonder you are projecting it on me! You go get help!”
Addiction has many faces and is much more than just repetitive using of drugs. There are many aspects surrounding the addictive individual and one of those is personality. Personality problems are an often ignored and misunderstood aspect of addiction recovery. What are personality problems?