June 2013

A rehab facility might seem like a scary place but in reality, the drug rehab staff wants to see you succeed and is there to help.  After you decide that you want to enter treatment at a rehab, you might want to talk to a friend or family member and get their support. Having support outside of the drug rehab facility will be very important in your recovery. In fact, treatment centres like Hope Trust offer intensive support for the affected family members which leads to a wholesome recovery for the entire family.
(Based on a recent lecture at a workshop)
What is the personality of an addict? He or she is:
Strategies for Helping Addicts and Alcoholics to Get the Help they Need

When it comes to dealing with an addict or alcoholic, it is apparent that some persons are more prone to substance abuse than others.
Getting help for your addiction helps empower the addict and alcoholic to overcome their addiction. There are two different ways of getting help for addiction: one is you are the addict/alcoholic and you are seeking ways to get help or two is that you are a friend or family member of someone who is struggling with an addiction and you want to know how to help them.